La Inquilina
Eco Packaging

La Inquilina (The Tenant in english) is an aromatic plant brand that encourages consumers to accommodate the plant at home. In exchange, she pays you with its leaves ready for dressing your recipes. To create that feeling between the plant and the consumer, each plant has been awarded a personality in relation to its qualities and possibilities of use.

The idea is that the initial plastic pot stays with the plant supplier so it can be reused and the plant gets to the supermarket in the new wax cardboard pack. In the case that the consumer decides to “host” the plant, he will transplant it into a pot. Trimming the die-cut from the pack and nailing it on the soil will be the way to “formalize the relationship”. With that, an interaction with the consumer will be created and part of the pack stays at home. To stand out in the supermarket shelves, the plant pots complement each other creating a charming neighbourhood.

MA in Packaging Design / ELISAVA / Mar. 2019

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