The Coffee Movement

Coffee made social movement. It is an ethical, expert, non-conformist and protest brand that believes that the world would be better if we value not only what, but also where, when and how.

In regards to the visual communication, we wanted to represent the brand, coffee lovers and the movement itself. That said, we decided to use a waving flag with a fist holding a cup symbolizing strength, unity and the demand for coffee and also referencing revolutionary propaganda of the 40s. We used flat bright colors to emphasize the most relevant elements, text, and a black and white image. 

Structurally, it is a matchbox container, easy to open and close, which optimizes the space to the maximum in the arrangement of the capsules.

Master in Packaging Design, ELISAVA / 2018

Collaboration: Juan Carlos Nieto, Paola Parodi

Featured: Packaging of the World