Italian brand of natural, 100% organic and vegan powder permanent hair dyes with two product ranges: Icolori Naturali for natural appearance colors, and Icolori Vibrant for bright colors.

The goal was to achieve a very clean and neutral design, showing the hair in a delicate way and considering that it is easy to mix and apply product. Hair and color are subtly represented through a hair image in the color filling of the whole pack. This image provides elegance and naturalness by remembering wood texture. The same attributes are enhanced in the structural part through a glass jar with a mechanical cap. As it is a product with cosmetic benefits for hair, a centered composition and a lot of blank space have been created seeking clarity and sophistication.

Scope: Brand Identity, Packaging Design, Art Direction, 3d Visualization
Master in Packaging Design, ELISAVA / 2019
Featured: Packaging of the World