Hi, I’m Teresa Redón, a freelance designer specialized in creating Visual Identity and Packaging Design concepts for mostly cosmetics, food and lifestyle brands. Simple, bold, and sometimes playful, that’s what I do.

Over +4 years of experience, I explored around different design disciplines and all have something in common. They all start from a solid and unique identity to transfer it to any other support. And I’m fascinated by brave and inspiring beginnings. Behind my work there is a clear and typographic approach with careful aesthetics, always looking for new ways and learning something new in the process. Based in Spain and working worldwide.


In addition to (1) Brand Visual Identity development and (2) Packaging Design, I also offer (3) Brand Collaterals, and (4) 3D Packaging Visualization services.

Depending on the project, I collaborate with other talented professionals (and friends) to achieve the best result.


Keep in mind that I don’t create a logo without the rest of their Visual Identity system (concept, logo and versions, color palette, fonts, overall look & feel, imagery…). While is an important aspect, it is only a part of the whole. So, if you are looking just for a logo, I’m not your designer.

Want to work together?

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