Tampax Concept

Romanticizing femininity, that’s our redesign concept for Tampax.

Let’s face it, having period is a nightmare for all women, but none of us wants it to stop coming. For better or for worse, we are going to share a great period of our life together, as if it were, in a way, our partner.

With or without you (as the  song says), is the idea of this project.  A more natural, fresh and delicate image. Mainly characterized by a range of colors more in line with period theme and illustrations that are filled with flowers according to the menstruation flow.

The advertising campaign designed has a young public in mind. It seeks to make a simile in a fun way of the relationship with the period and the relationship with a partner, using love song lyrics to describe them.

Master in Packaging Design, ELISAVA / 2019

Collaboration: Sandra Bononad, Jessica Sandoval

Featured: Packaging of the World